Ohio Nursing Home Abuse Statistics: Breaking Down 2021 Numbers

Doug Mann

Abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the elderly and disabled is a serious problem in Ohio and throughout the country. Ohio Adult Protective Services receives nearly 20,000 complaints each year, more than 4,000 of them addressing alleged abuse. Policy experts have estimated that the true number of cases is 5-6 times higher, or even more. The vast majority are believed to go unreported. 

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Table of Contents
  1. Ohio Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Data from NORC
  2. 2021 Ohio Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

Statistically, older and disabled adults are at greater risk of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation in the community and at the hands of home-based caretakers and family members than they are in nursing homes. But, the problem is serious in institutional settings as well. Serious enough that Ohio has created the Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation, and Exploitation Program within the Bureau of Regulatory Operations. 

These eye-opening statistics from around the country drive home the importance of carefully vetting a nursing home before making a choice for your loved one, and of continued involvement and monitoring during their stay. 

  • In response to one study, 24.3% of nursing home residents reported at least one incident of physical abuse at the hands of nursing home staff.
  • In another survey, 44% of nursing home residents reported having been abused. 
  • In the same survey cited immediately above, 95% of residents said they had either suffered neglect or seen another resident neglected. 
  • 17% of certified nursing assistants (CNAs) surveyed said they had pushed, grabbed, or shoved a resident at least once.
  • More than half of those same CNAs admitted to yelling at residents, and nearly a quarter to insulting or swearing at them.

Ohio Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Data from NORC

The National Ombudsman Resource Center (NORC) tracks complaints about nursing homes and other long-term care facilities around the country, including complaints about abuse and neglect. In the most recent year for which data is available, NORC documented 142,051 nursing home complaints nationwide. Of those, 6,685 were in Ohio. 

Not all of these complaints involve abuse and neglect. Some notable Ohio complaint types included: 

  • 228 accidents of unknown origin, falls, improper handling 
  • 77 reported incidents of physical abuse
  • 156 complaints of symptoms being unattended, including pain not being managed and failure to report changes in condition to others
  • 33 reported incidents of verbal or psychological abuse
  • 147 reported cases of pressure sores caused or worsened by failure to appropriately turn the residen
  • 9 complaints about the use of physical restraints

NORC also recorded 23 reports of resident-on-resident physical or sexual abuse, 40 allegations of gross neglect, and 31 cases of financial exploitation. 

It’s important to note that much elder abuse is believed to go unreported. As a result, NORC data and similar reporting provides only a snapshot of the types of abuse and neglect occurring in Ohio nursing homes, and is not exhaustive. 

2021 Ohio Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

At the time of writing, 2021 hasn’t yet drawn to a close, and large-scale data runs behind. So, we don’t have the type of statistics described above for 2021 yet. But, there is some current information available, and it’s just as concerning as the data from recent years. 

An expert tip from Doug Mann

Medicare offers information on its website to help people compare nursing homes and make the best selection for their loved ones. A comparison of nursing homes in the Cincinnati area revealed 48 Ohio nursing homes in or within 10 miles of the city. Of these, three were flagged as having abuse citations. 14 had one-star ratings, classified as “much below average.” Another 13 had two-star ratings, meaning they were “below average.” 

In statistical terms, that means more than half of Cincinnati-area nursing homes are rated below or much below average, and more than 6% have been flagged for abuse citations. 

Not sure how significant those ratings are? They’re based on three factors: 

  • Health inspections
  • Staffing
  • Quality of resident care measures

The Cincinnati area isn’t unique in this uneven quality. While some areas fare better than others, there are nursing homes rated sub-par in many areas of the state, both large cities and small towns.

For example, as of December, 2021: 

  • In the Dayton area, 22 of 37 nursing homes received one-star and two-star ratings
  • In Wilmington, one of two nursing homes listed by Medicare has a five-star rating and the other has one star
  • In the Springfield area, three of 13 nursing homes are rated below average
  • In the Middletown area, three of 12 nursing homes are rated below average or much below averageOf the 
  • In the Lima area, three of 10 nursing homes received one or two stars
  • Of nine nursing homes in the Richmond area, three received one star, three received two stars, and one was unrated due to a history of serious quality issues
  • Of the 10 nursing homes in and around Xenia, three were rated one-star and two received two stars
  • Three of five nursing homes in and around Sidney received below average ratings
  • 14 of the 24 nursing homes in and around Huber Heights were rated below average or much below average

In some areas, the average is better. For example, all six of the nursing homes listed in the St. Mary’s area are rated three, four, or five stars. In Greenville, three of four have four-star ratings. Bellefontaine has one five-star rating and one four-star rating among its three nursing homes. But, no matter where you are, it’s important to research any nursing home you are considering and to visit the facility. 

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