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When you contact DGMS you get the best personal injury lawyers in your area on your side. We’re the Tiger lawyer for a reason and we’re working with your best interest in mind. You can call us at 937.223.8888, send us a message with our form below, start a chat with one of our in-take staff, or even come in, in person. When you visit the Tiger Lawyer we make sure that you don’t leave alone. With your free consultation you could also be leaving with a T-shirt, plush, pop-socket, or many of our other free products. Contact DGMS with your case today!

As soon as possible after your accident. Statute of Limitations reduce the amount of time that you have to file for a lawsuit. For some cases this could be 2 years and for others it could be as little as 1 year. However much time you have after an injury, it’s best to start the work early. Although it may seem like a long way off, these deadlines come fast.

So when you contact DGMS, ask for your free consultation with a lawyer to learn more about your case.

Going for that free consultation is always a good idea. But what happens in one and what should you be aware of? Consultations are kind of like an interview process but with you as the interviewer. This is a time to get to know the legal staff, evaluate your lawyer, and determine if you think they can win your case.

When you contact DGMS ask for your free consultation.

You should try to provide as much evidence as you are able to and spend the time evaluating the way your lawyer approaches the evidence that you have. Not every lawyer will be to your liking and that’s okay. Part of finding a lawyer is finding someone whom you trust. They will be seeing and hearing a lot of personal information and it’s important you trust them to defend you.

Most people who have a solid case never seek justice and many who don’t have a case still try to take it to court. There’s no harm in asking questions while you can still pursue a lawsuit. If you think you have a case, just ask around. Getting a free consultation or just talking to a couple lawyers over the phone can help you determine if you have a case.