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Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz is a proud member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States. Fewer than 1% of lawyers are members. 

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Recent Verdicts & Settlements

DatePractice AreaLocationAmount Won
08/29Auto Accident Lima, OH$850,000.00
08/23Auto Accident Dublin Township, Ohio $475,000.00
07/14Auto AccidentFairfield, Ohio$200,000.00
07/14Bad FaithOhio$250,000.00
07/14Auto AccidentKenton, Ohio$225,000.00
07/13Premises LiabilityFairborn, Ohio$100,000.00
07/11Auto AccidentTipp City, Ohio$120,000.00
07/11Auto AccidentLodi, Ohio$175,000.00
07/11Auto AccidentMiamisburg, Ohio$100,000.00
06/24Auto AccidentGreenville, Ohio$400,000.00
06/23Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$70,000.00
06/23Premises LiabilityWashington Township, Ohio$85,000.00
06/20Auto AccidentVersailles, Ohio$100,000.00
05/25Dog BiteLima, Ohio$110,000.00
05/25Auto AccidentSugarcreek Township, Ohio$500,000.00
05/25Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$100,000.00
05/25Auto AccidentConnersville, Indiana$350,000.00
05/06Auto AccidentMonroe, Ohio$70,000.00
05/06Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$100,000.00
05/05Auto AccidentLima, Ohio$100,000.00
05/03Auto AccidentXenia, Ohio$98,000.00
05/02Auto AccidentGreenville, Ohio$50,000.00
03/11Auto AccidentHuber Heights, Ohio$100,000.00
03/10Dog BiteBeavercreek, Ohio$62,000.00
03/09Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$4,250,000.00
03/08Auto AccidentKenton, Ohio$41,500.00
03/08Dog BiteKettering, Ohio$300,000.00
03/07Dog BiteUrbana, Ohio$25,336.91
03/07Auto AccidentLima, Ohio$50,000.00
12/07Auto AccidentKettering, Ohio$750,000.00
12/03Auto AccidentLima, Ohio$181,900.00
12/02Auto AccidentUniopolis, Ohio$100,000.00
12/01Auto AccidentBellefontaine, Ohio$100,000.00
11/23Auto AccidentRichmond, Indiana$102,422.00
11/23Auto AccidentClayton, Ohio$200,000.00
11/22Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$100,000.00
11/16Auto AccidentKettering, Ohio$300,000.00
11/15Auto AccidentSidney, Ohio$68,272.38
10/28Auto Accident West Carrollton, Ohio$115,000.00
10/27Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$100,000.00
10/26Auto AccidentBellefontaine, Ohio$100,000.00
10/25Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$52,000.00
10/25Auto AccidentSt. Mary’s, Ohio$100,000.00
10/22Personal InjurySidney, Ohio$35,000.00
10/21Personal InjuryKettering, Ohio$90,000.00
10/21Auto AccidentDefiance, Ohio$150,000.00
10/20Auto AccidentSidney, Ohio$100,000.00
10/18Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$25,000.00
09/09Auto AccidentGreenville, Ohio$425,000.00
09/09Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$100,000.00
09/08Auto AccidentNew Carlisle, Ohio$20,000.00
09/07Auto AccidentMiddletown, Ohio$32,500.00
09/02Auto AccidentHuntsville, Ohio$50,000.00
09/01Auto AccidentWapak, Ohio$54,500.00
08/31Auto AccidentFairborn, Ohio$100,000.00
08/30Auto AccidentGermantown, Ohio$100,000.00
08/20Auto AccidentMiddletown, Ohio$315,000.00
08/20Auto AccidentCelina, Ohio$1,499,000.00
08/18Auto AccidentXenia, Ohio$186,000.00
08/16Auto AccidentCelina, Ohio$100,000.00
08/13Auto AccidentColumbus, Ohio$45,000.00
08/13Auto AccidentRichmond, Indiana$100,000.00
08/10Auto AccidentBethel Township, Ohio$100,000.00
08/10Auto AccidentGratis Township, Ohio$100,000.00
08/05Auto AccidentGermantown, Ohio$52,500.00
08/04Auto AccidentSpringfield, Ohio$75,000.00
08/03Auto AccidentLakeview, Ohio$95,000.00
08/03Auto AccidentWaynesville, Ohio$90,000.00
07/28Auto AccidentRichmond, Indiana$40,000.00
07/27Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$100,000.00
07/27Auto AccidentSpringfield, Ohio$70,000.00
07/26Personal InjuryRichmond, Indiana$45,000.00
07/23Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$100,000.00
07/22Personal InjurySpringdale, Ohio$225,000.00
07/21Auto AccidentHuber Heights, Ohio$100,000.00
07/19Auto AccidentSpringboro, Ohio$3,250,000.00
07/14Dog BiteFairborn, Ohio$105,168.00
07/14Auto AccidentDayton, Ohio$25,000.00
07/16Auto AccidentForest Park, Ohio$25,000.00
07/16Auto AccidentWest Chester, Ohio$25,000.00
2/19Auto AccidentMontezuma, Ohio$1,492,660.70
1/27Auto AccidentJamestown, Ohio$890,000.00
8/4Auto AccidentBroadview Heights, Ohio$600,000.00
4/6Auto AccidentFindlay, Ohio$550,000.00
3/13Defective ProductMeigs, Ohio$550,000.00
11/14Auto AccidentXenia, Ohio$470,000.00
10/23Dog BiteSidney, Ohio$300,000.00
5/3Auto AccidentFairborn, Ohio$275,000.00
4/5Dog BitePiqua, Ohio$150,000.00
5/26Defective ProductBellefontaine, Ohio$120,000.00
9/14Dog BiteDe Graff, Ohio$115,000.00
10/10 Auto AccidentTrotwood, Ohio$42,000.00
10/10PRM CaseCincinnati, Ohio$ 35,000.00
10/11Auto AccidentWashington Township, Ohio$475,000.00
10/11Auto Accident Lima, Ohio$48,000.00
10/12Auto AccidentButler Township, Ohio$25,000.00
10/12Auto AccidentArcanum, Ohio$195,000.00
10/12Auto AccidentRichmond, Indiana$28,000.00
10/13Auto AccidentRoundhead, Ohio$15,000.00
10/13Auto AccidentEaton, Ohio$20,000.00
10/13Auto AccidentMiddletown, Ohio$20,000.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire your firm?

Nothing. For the vast majority of our matters, Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz works on what is known as a “contingent fee agreement,” which means we don’t get paid unless you win.

How many clients has your firm helped?

Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz has been in business since 1991. We have helped over 100,000 clients get the compensation they deserve.

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