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Average Settlement for

Auto Accidents

The average settlement for an auto accident case can vary by a lot. In fact, the average for these case results are much higher than other types of personal injury. However, they also see the most severe forms of injury. The amount you are likely to receive from your case comes down to a number of factors. For example, If you were 100% not at fault for the accident and you broke several ribs you’d be entitled to more than someone 60% not a fault who suffered from whiplash.


Fairborn, OH - 05/03


Findlay, OH - 04/06


Montezuma, OH - 02/19


Jamestown, OH - 01/27


Xenia, OH - 11/146


Broadview Heights, OH - 08/04

Average Settlement for

Defective Products

Defective products come up a lot more than you’d realize. On average, we see about 3 to 5 clients a month that have dealt with type of legal case. However, there are many types of defective products and many people must seek compensation through mass torts. Although mass torts have higher success rates and tend to have larger settlements overall, higher individual settlements come from individual lawsuits. To determine your average settlement for a defective product consider the pros and cons of joining a mass tort.


Troy, OH - 09/02


Connersville, IN - 09/01


Bellefontaine, OH - 05/26


Meigs, OH - 03/13


Meigs, OH - 03/13


Dayton, OH - 02/20

Average Settlement for

Dog Bite Cases

DGMS may love their furry family but we do see a lot of dog bite cases in Ohio, Indiana, & Kentucky. We subscribe to the “no bad dogs, only bad dog owners” mantra. For this reason we have a great track record of pursuing cases against the owners. Because of Ohio’s One Bite Rule we are also able to secure much higher settlements for those harmed by second time offenders.


Piqua, OH - 04/05


Sidney, OH - 10/23


De Graff, OH - 09/14


Beaverdam, OH - 08/11


Miamisburg, OH - 06/09


Jamestown, OH - 05/22

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Your Settlement Calculator

FInd Your Case Results

Short answer. No.

Long answer. In our experience, most settlement calculators are based on a guess. Although it might help you determine that you might recover enough to pay your bills. It will not, however, give you an accurate number to base your case on.

What Settlement Calculators Don’t Do

There are many things that calculators don’t take into account.

  • The severity of your injuries
  • Amount of property damage 
  • Who was at fault and percentage of fault
  • Other factors like drunk driving, time of day, etc.

When you leave these factors out you the settlement could be either too high or too low.

Many people don’t really want to talk to someone on the phone. Especially when it involves something as personal as an injury. We understand that taking that step is huge. That’s why we have so many other ways you can start your case.

Send Us an Email 

You can send us an email to the right or even start a chat below with one of our in-take staff. We are available to talk over the phone and even in person if that makes you more comfortable.

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful case. For example, the percentage of involvement both parties had in the incident. Should you find yourself in an accident, if you were partially to blame you may have a harder time in court.

Finding your success rate is a large part of your free consultation with a lawyer. We’ve been working with clients for over twenty years, and once given all the details we can determine how likely your case is to win.

We look at all parts of your case. Although you may not feel comfortable revealing all aspects of your case in a first meeting, it’s a good idea. Surprise information might make your case even harder to settle.

Remember to always inform your lawyer of all relevant information to get the most accurate success rate and quote.