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A defective product can cause harm to potentially hundreds of people. In fact, it’s one of the most common types of law that you see everyday. When a car has a recalled part it was found to be defective, when lettuce is recalled it is also defective. This can apply not just to the average consumer good but also to products that are essential to your health. Defective products can be prescription medication or even a medical device in your body. Consequently, when something is found to be dangerous it often hurts more than just a few people.

Sometimes even lawsuits do not prevent a product from still being on the market. Famously, the product, Talcum Powder, has been known to cause cancer with extended use over many years. For instance, people in humid environments applying talcum powder might be a regular activity. Overtime, this leads to many people developing cancer from extended use but the product is still for sale today.

How did this happen?

The 3 types of Defective Product

Design defects are when the product was defective from the jump. Sometimes the formula for the drug was defective. 

For example, if a compounding pharmacy were to get the measurements wrong and then mass produced a drug. This simply refers to a fault that began at the design. Of course this does not cover if a problem emerges at the mass produced stage. This is covered by another defective product type.

Manufacturing defects is one that was caused during the processing period. For instance, if a recall goes out for lettuce. There’s nothing wrong with the design of lettuce but something has gone very wrong in the processing.

In addition things may also go wrong with mechanical equipment or products may become broken. Most defective products occur at this level.

Marketing defects refers to information labeled on the product. Although it sounds like it refers to a bad effort to advertise a product, it does not. This type is one that fails to warn a consumer.

For instance if a drug contained aspirin but forgot to mention that detail and someone was allergic. Another example might be the famous case of McDonald’s coffee.

At the time of the case McDonald’s was selling coffee at degrees that were above scalding hot. Because they made no warning to consumers of the risk of severe burns a woman was permanently injured.



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By law, corporations must offer safe, properly-manufactured products and market them appropriately.

If they can’t do this and it hurts someone they must provide compensation. In addition, the law requires companies to make sure products are safe and appropriately labeled and marketed.

For example, if they breach that duty, they’re liable for any damage. 

A defective product is something sold despite having a defect that is dangerous. Defective product attorneys at Dyer, Garofalo, Mann, & Schultz know that a deceptive or defective product can cause great harm.

That is why our product liability lawyers fight their hardest for our clients. Therefore, getting defective products off the market is something we strive to achieve.

A lot of the defective product cases we take involve mass torts. These are case that involve several parties. If you believe that a product that you or a loved one have used may have been defective when it caused an injury, contacting a defective product attorney at Dyer, Garofalo, Mann, & Shultz may help you get the justice that you deserve.

Our defective product lawyer can consult with a wide range of nationally-known experts and specialists. Helping us determine the source of the defect in your case. For instance, we can determine how it caused the injury and what the effect of the injury is on your life.

Product Life Cycle

Defects can be introduced at many stages of the product’s life cycle: design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, packaging, and sale. Learning when and how the defect became part of the product helps our defective product lawyer identify the liable party in your case.

Once a product liability lawyer determines who is liable for your injury, we’ll fight to ensure that your case receives adequate compensation. This could include, medical care, time off work, and pain and suffering. The defective product lawyer at the Dyer, Garofalo, Mann, & Schultz law firm handle cases involving injuries from all kinds of defective products.

Some include: 

– Lack of safety guards on manufacturing, farming and assembly line equipment
– Badly designed power hand tools
– Defective ladders
– Dangerous welding equipment
– Improper wiring in electrical equipment and tools
– Defective earth moving equipment and other road construction vehicles
– Incorrect valves and defective piping