Medical Malpractice in Ohio: When Medical Procedures Go Wrong

Doug Mann

Doctors usually have your best interests at heart. They try to find the course of treatment that’s right for your condition and goals. Of course, doctors can make mistakes just like everyone else.

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Medicine is a complicated field; that’s why doctors have to attend so many years of school. It’s often difficult to make the right medical decisions, especially in a high-pressure situation. Sometimes doctors are overworked and exhausted and simply make an error. Sometimes, the mistake isn’t so innocent – maybe the doctor has ties to a pharmaceutical company that motivate her to choose treatment options that aren’t the best for you. Unfortunately, a doctor’s error can have serious consequences for your health. If a doctor’s mistake harmed you, you may be entitled to compensation.

The attorneys at Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz have years of experience dealing with medical malpractice suits. We understand that medical troubles are frightening and overwhelming. We realize the pressure that growing pile of medical bills puts on you. We know that money can’t undo your suffering, but it can at least alleviate the stress of paying for your treatment. We’ll fight to ensure that you’re fairly compensated if a doctor mishandles your treatment. We work on a contingent fee basis so you won’t have to pay a penny out of pocket – the consultation is free and we won’t get paid unless you win your case.

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