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Many of the reviews for Dyer, Garofalo, Mann, & Schultz come through Google. Although there are many review sites where you can see testimonials about DGMS, Google reviews are the most up to date. In fact, with so many people leaving reviews for DGMS, you can get a good idea of what the average client experience looks like. If you’ve had a great experience with us, let us know! We love to hear about our past clients.

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Google reviews are the best way to let us know you had a great experience. Although we’re generally busy in the courtroom, we see and take your testimonials to heart. We love hearing from past clients about their experiences. In fact, tell us which members of our staff you enjoyed talking with the most. When you leave us a review, you not only let us know you had a great experience but you also help others find a lawyer they can trust. 

Not all of our reviews are anonymous. Many clients have sat down with our video team to let you know how their experience was. We are glad for the many kind reviews that have been left to us over the years. It is our honor and privilege to have represented the people of Ohio, Kentucky, & Indiana. We fight hard for our clients and are proud of the service we provide.

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The Tiger Lawyer treats your case with a level of respect you won’t see at other law firms. Although we have many locations, you’re always speaking to a lawyer who really cares about their clients and loves where they work.

We’re different because we treat our employees to a better standard. It’s important to us to make sure that everyone feels appreciated and comes to work excited for the next day. We do this by offering company cruises every other year, company parties, and bonuses. 

Our staff is like family and we treat our clients like family too. That’s why we’re your hometown attorney.

When you work with the Tiger Lawyer, it’s not like working with any other firm. Despite our many locations we want you to feel as if you’re our only client. We keep you informed at every step and lay out the process ahead of time.

We would love if you could tell us about your experience on our Google Review page but there are plenty of places to send us feedback. 

You don’t have to just look at the reviews on our site. Be sure that you’re seeing recent reviews when you check out our Google Reviews page.