Defective Medical Devices

Doug Mann

A defective medical device lawyer could help you when you’ve been the victim of a faulty product. Although these devices have had positive effects for many people, some devices can still cause harm. For instance, many of these products can be fast-tracked to the market if they’re similar enough to an older device. However, this can have some serious consequences on the health of those using them.

Defective Medical Devices
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A case we dealt with in the past involved metal hip implants. Although they were similar to past implants, the company failed to realize that the product would cause friction. This lead to many people getting a form of heavy metal poisoning from metal shards rubbing off the device. With the help of a defective medical device lawyer, these patients were able to file a lawsuit together in what is called a mass tort.

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When you’ve decided to take your case to court you may want to consider your options when talking to a defective medical device lawyer. First, you must decide if you want to join a mass tort or file individually. There are pros and cons for both. If you file by yourself you will be going against a pharmaceutical company. This can be expensive to pursue and be harder to prove against a team of lawyers. Should you decide to join a mass tort you will not receive as much compensation but your odds of winning are greatly increased. 

Next, you should consider looking for a free consultation. Most lawyers will offer a consultation to help you figure out your options. Finally, if you decide to join a mass tort for your case, your lawyer will direct you on how to join and will guide you to the firm that is attempting one.

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