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What is Your Personal Injury Case Type?

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Not sure what kind of personal injury case type is right for you? See our detailed list of practice areas below and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Our chat and in-take staff are always available to help you find the type of personal injury lawyer for your case. 

One of the most common types of personal injury is Auto Accidents. This type of personal injury can have a wide array of results based on the circumstances of the accident. In accidents with injuries, settlements tend to be higher and cases can be processed much faster than other types of injury cases.

Defective products fall under 3 categories and are generally processed through something called a Mass Tort. Mass torts bring a large group of people together to file a lawsuit together. However, unlike a class-action lawsuit, mass torts allow each claimant to make their case and receive their own settlement amount.

Employment law is the second most complicated type of personal injury case. This type of case requires a lot of proof of wrongdoing and At-Will Employment can make cases like wrongful termination harder to get through. This doesn’t mean that your case is likely to fail but it could take longer to settle. On the other hand, workers’ compensation and social security disability can be made a lot easier and faster with the help of a lawyer.

Medical malpractice is the hardest form of personal injury and one that will require a lot of proof and patience. These cases are often settled outside of court and in these cases can result in quicker settlements. However, cases that go before a court can be lengthy.

Premise liability is a personal injury case that allows individuals to pursue the insurance company of a business or another person. For instance, if you were to be bitten by a dog at your neighbor’s house. Premise liability would not be suing your neighbor it’s collecting a settlement from your neighbor’s home owner’s insurance policy. 

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Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury lawyer helps victims who have been injured after an accident. Although, some cases may have been due to pure accidents, sometimes negligence could be the cause. For instance, when a drunk driver causes an accident or a rushed doctor misdiagnosed a patient. In these cases, we have insurance to fall back on. However, insurance may be reluctant to pay for the cost of a severe injury. That is why a personal injury lawyer can be essential in winning a case. Your hometown personal injury lawyers are here to take the stress of a lawsuit off your back. Trust us to get you the compensation that you deserve.

If your case is very specific to you, it may not be listed. Some forms of personal injury are listed under premise liability.

Premise liability is when you are injured by someone else’s negligence. For example, if you are injured by fireworks that a neighbor negligently set off.

If you’ve been injured you need a personal injury lawyer. Should you be dealing with something at work, you may need an employment lawyer. If a product has been defective and harmed you then you need a defective product attorney. Can’t work? You need a social security disability lawyer. Injured by a doctor? Medical malpractice lawyer.

Although we are your hometown personal injury attorney, we don’t specialize in every type of case. Because of our commitment to our clients we keep to what we’re good at. However, we do have a great relationship with the local law community. 

If we don’t handle your type of case we can refer you to someone we trust. 

Sometimes our personal injury lawyers may believe that you do not have enough for a successful case. We can normally determine this in a consultation. Generally, this is a good reason to opt for the free consultation before getting a lawyer. 

If you have plenty of evidence and can site significant harm you probably have a good chance at winning your case. It can be hard to determine if you have enough for a successful case, however. This is why we recommend going for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you have a case.