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Discover the intricacies of employment law, covering rights and obligations in employer-employee relationships, focusing on discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage disputes.

Can I Collect SSDI While I’m Working Under The Table?

According to expert economists, it is believed that more than two trillion dollars is earned in under-the-table payments in the US, with an estimated 70 million Americans earning money under […]

December 12th, 2023

How to sue a business if you are a business?

A business in Ohio is a legal entity and can sue or be sued. The opposing party in the lawsuit may be another business, an individual, or a governmental entity. […]

May 23rd, 2023

6 Types of Wage Theft You Can Sue for in Ohio

“Wage theft” sounds serious. If you’re like most victims of wage theft in Ohio and around the country, you may not even realize that’s what’s happening to you. You probably […]

October 27th, 2022

How to Report Unsafe Working Conditions in Ohio

You probably know that as an Ohio worker, you’re entitled to a safe working environment. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what to do when your employer isn’t maintaining […]

August 15th, 2022

What Does Sexual Harassment Look Like in a Remote Workplace?

The shift toward remote work that dramatically accelerated in 2020 offered many benefits.  Eliminating commutes and travel expenses, reduced child care expenses, and reduced dry cleaning budgets are just a […]

July 12th, 2022

Ohio Pregnancy Discrimination: Understanding Your Rights

Pregnancy and the birth of your child should be a joyful time. But, workplace discrimination can turn pregnancy into a high-stress time, complicated by harassment, financial worries, and other problems. […]

June 6th, 2022

Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs

Workplace injuries are more common than we’d like to believe. In 2020, 117 Ohio workers were killed on the job and another 101,000 were injured or suffered occupational illnesses serious […]

May 31st, 2022

How Do I Tell If I’m Exempt from Overtime Pay in Ohio?

Both state and federal law requires Ohio employers to pay employees at a higher rate if they work more than 40 hours in a workweek. Any time in excess of […]

May 19th, 2022

Ohio Whistleblower Protections: Understanding Your Rights

Whistleblowers perform an important public service. The information they provide can keep employees and consumers safer, stop theft and other corrupt practices, and even help protect the integrity of our […]

March 28th, 2022

Is It Legal to Fire Someone Over Text?

Communications in the business world have been growing less formal for years, and the recent significant expansion of remote work means channels like Zoom, email, and even text messaging are […]

February 17th, 2022

What is the Average Birth Injury Legal Settlement?

If your child has suffered a birth injury, it’s natural to want to know what type of medical malpractice settlement or verdict you might expect to receive. Birth injuries often […]

December 8th, 2021

Ohio Non-Compete Agreements: Everything You Need to Know

While many believe that non-compete agreements aren’t enforceable, the truth of the matter is that it can depend on many different factors. Raimonde v. Van Vlerah, heard by the Ohio […]

September 14th, 2021

LGBTQ Legal Rights in Kentucky: What You Need to Know

Kentucky does not currently have a comprehensive statewide law that protects LGBTQ people from discrimination. This means that a person can still be fired, denied housing, or refused service simply […]

September 2nd, 2021

LGBTQ Legal Rights in Indiana: What You Need to Know

Indiana does not have a statewide law that protects LGBTQ people from discrimination. This means that a person can still be fired, denied housing, or refused service simply because of […]

September 2nd, 2021

LGBTQ Legal Rights in Ohio: What You Need to Know

Ohio does not have a statewide law that protects LGBTQ people from discrimination. This means that a person can still be fired, denied housing, or refused service simply because of […]

August 20th, 2021

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