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When You're Being Harassed at work

Workplace Harassment Lawyer

A workplace harassment lawyer knows that it’s never okay to feel unsafe at work. Not only is it a terrible experience but it’s also illegal. However, proving workplace harassment can be challenging and needs documentation and witnesses to the events. For instance, in a word of mouth harassment claim, the harasser may say that it never happened or that it was blown out of proportion.

There are many types of harassment. Knowing what type of harassment you faced can help your case and your workplace harassment lawyer. For example there are six types of harassment and each are handled a little differently.

First, there is sexual harassment. However, it can be far more complex and deep-rooted then just the image of a grabby gross executive. It can be in the form of casual comments such as asking about the sex life of an employee or making a crude comment about a tight fitting dress. Sexual jokes that are aimed to make you feel uncomfortable, inappropriate expectations of attire, and of course inappropriate touching fall under this category. However, it’s not just straight cis-women that deal with this type of harassment. Men and the LGBT community also deal with harassment in the workplace and there is no shame in speaking out about it. Talking with a workplace harassment lawyer not only helps your situation but establishes that others shouldn’t have to deal with it either.

Other Types of Harassment

Second, there is offensive jokes. This may also fall under the category of discrimination. For example, a joke may be made about someone’s skin color, disability, sexuality, or gender. Third, there are offensive pictures. For instance, pornography or a discriminatory meme may be used in a threatening manner at work.

Fourth, there is assault. Not only can this result in a monetary fine but also a criminal case. No one should put hands on you without your consent, especially in your work environment. For example, a coworker or manager may attempt to harm you or otherwise touch you inappropriately in your workplace.

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Fifth, consists of ridicule. This is a hard one to bring to court. For example, the ridicule you face must fall under the category of a toxic work environment or be a form of discrimination. A harsh word, or a poor review don’t fall under this category.

Sixth, and finally, is intimidation. This is what a toxic workplace often looks like. A manager that yells and threatens and stomps around the office is not great for business and not great for mental health.

What to Do About Harassment?

When you’re ready to start talking about harassment, you have resources. A workplace harassment lawyer can help you find evidence, witnesses, and resources. Talking with HR is also a great step forward. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, they may be doing the same to others. Talk to other co-workers if you feel comfortable and you may find an ally at work.

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There are 6 types of harassment that you may face on the job. Sexual harassment, offensive jokes, offensive pictures, assault, ridicule, and intimidation.

Any form of harassment that goes against a protected class is illegal. Even in an “At-Will” state. According to law that includes: race, age, sex, religion, national origin, color, or disability. In some areas the word “sex” is used to refer to women, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Talking to HR or explaining to the harasser your feelings is a good first step. This can also be used as documentation that you attempted to stop the harassment before escalating the situation. If this doesn’t work talk to a workplace harassment lawyer.

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