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When You experience discrimination at work

Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

A workplace discrimination lawyer helps workers resolve discriminatory practices at work. For instance, when a worker is in a wheelchair yet a company does not have ramps or handicap accessible restrooms. However, sometimes discrimination in the workplace can be more direct. 

There are several types of discrimination. However, first you have to look at whether or it’s direct discrimination or passive discrimination. Passive discrimination is what is happening in our example above. In this case the company may not be aware of their discrimination against the individual in the wheelchair because they do not have the same restrictions. When it becomes direct is when the company is informed that they need to make handicap accessible spaces but decide not to, to save money, retaliate against the employee, or fire the employee for their disability. 

Types of Discrimination

Protected classes prevent employers from discriminating against employees. These classes are based on race, sex, disability, age, and religion. 

The types of discrimination that people see in the workplace can vary by a lot. First, we see employers not make concessions to accommodate certain employees. For example, not allowing religious garments or not providing wheelchair ramps. Second, there are discriminatory jokes, comments, or pictures. This is when a manager or coworker shows a direct form of discrimination against you or others in the workplace. Finally, a workplace may refuse to hire or fire employees of a certain protected class.

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What To Do About Discrimination?

When you’ve been discriminated against there are options to fight back for your right to an equal work environment. First, you can speak with HR about the discrimination you’re facing. If you feel comfortable, talking to the person who intiatied the discrimination may help them to understand that their actions were wrong. 

Second, you can contact a workplace discrimination lawyer. If you’ve tried to make the situation stop and nothing has worked, you have legal options. However, before you pursue legal help make sure that you can document the discrimination. It can be very hard to prove in court without documentation and witnesses. Remember to also take a free consultation with a lawyer before signing on with anyone.

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Sadly, there are many reasons why discrimination happens in the workplace. The worst part is that systems or even people may not be aware that certain actions are discriminatory. Sometimes letting someone know is enough to solve the problem but other times it may escalate the situation. However, you’re not alone and you have resources when you talk to a workplace discrimination lawyer.

Yes. It can be really hard to prove, especially if the person causing it knows what they’re doing. That’s why it’s so important to document encounters, try to keep communication through email, and most importantly talk to a workplace discrimination lawyer. 

If you’re experiencing discrimination you should have the right to fight back legally. Or at least that’s how it should be. Currently, not everyone is protected against LGBT discrimination. Although, many states are divided on the issue, many cities give individual rights to sexual orientation and gender identity. If you’re unsure if your city has protections for you see our guide to LGBT rights.

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