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A workers compensation lawyer is helpful but not always necessary. Many workers compensation cases can be handled between you and your employer but not every case is so easy. Although, workers compensation should be fairly straight forward there are a few things to look out for. First, many workers may have some difficulty getting their employer to approve their workers comp. To avoid an increase in insurance costs, an employer may avoid paying for an employee’s workers comp. Next, the insurance company may try to avoid paying a settlement. In this case, you will need a lawyer to make your case to the insurance provider.

If you’re running into problems while applying for workers comp then you may need a workers compensation lawyer. When you seek a legal solution then your odds of receiving compensation go up. For example, a lawyer may present medical records, go through the details of your case with a convincing argument, or show that you intend to take them to court for your benefits. 

Having someone who can push the right buttons makes your case more convincing. This is why having detailed documentation is so important. Although your health should always come first, there is a series of tasks that you should complete after an accident. This ensures that you have proper documentation for your case should you need to pursue one. 


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Steps to Take

First, let someone at the scene know what happened. If a manager is on site, let them know about the injury and its cause. Next, get immediate medial assistance. Even if the injury seems small. This keeps a record that the injury happened, what day it happened, and the severity. Next, reach out to HR and your manager about workers compensation filing. If it seems like you will need time to recover, take the time to make sure you’re able to rest and not letting the injury get worse. Finally, should there be a hang-up in the process or you are not given the compensation you are deserved, contact a lawyer.

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First it allows workers to take paid time off after an injury. States require that businesses of a certain size maintain insurance to pay for this program. Next, it helps to get workers healthy and ready to return to work. It does this by paying for rehabilitation and job training.

A workers compensation settlement generally takes around 4 to 8 weeks. 

Workers that are injured at work for a company that offers workers compensation are eligible for the program.

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