What to Have Before Going to the Social Security Office in Xenia Ohio

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Before heading over to the Social Security Office in Xenia, Ohio there are few things you should be prepared for. Have been looking into social security in Xenia Ohio? Just like anywhere in Ohio, it’s best to be prepared before going to the Social Security Office. A wrong move or a misplaced document could put your case back months. However, when you head in with a plan you are far more likely to get a positive result and not have to resubmit.

In fact, most people who apply for social security disability on their own are denied the first time. Although so many are denied, it isn’t because most people are not eligible, it’s because they haven’t properly documented their case.

Before you apply you also have to factor in what type of disability you’re going in for. There are two very different types of disability. First there is SSDI, which is what most people want to be on. The compensation is higher and the requirement are lower. However, you need to have worked for a long enough period of time to qualify. Next there is SSI, this is the hard one. Your settlement isn’t as high and can be reduced if you are receiving any kind of outside assistance, including from family. The requirements are a little stricter and the process can also take longer. But, there is a reason that SSI is still option for some, no work history requirement.

Let’s Begin.

Before Going to the Social Security Office in Xenia Ohio

Remember how most people are denied because they didn’t supply enough evidence of their condition. This is where the preparation comes in. Before you head to the social security office in Xenia Ohio, make sure you’re following these steps.

First, determine if you have a condition that reasonable prevents you from working. However, this can not just be self determined. You’ve got to take a trip to the doctor. A lot of trips to the doctor. You have to meet the requirements laid out the Social Security Offices’s Blue Book. This book lists every qualifying condition and what needs to be met to diagnose you with them.

Social Security Office in Xenia Ohio
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Second, you need to talk with the doctor about what you want to accomplish. Your doctor will know what tests will be appropriate and what you should do to make sure that you qualify. The Social Security office will look to see if you’re able to continue working based on your test results. If you’re over 50 it will based on if you’re able to continue working at the job you have now. If you’re under 50 they will checking to see if you could work at other jobs. For example, if you’re under 50 and having a hard time standing at your current job they will check to see if you could continue to work if you had a job that required you to sit.

What Does the SSA Office Look For

During those test we talked about above, you should not only be getting documentation on your injury or medical condition but your RFC or Residual Functional Capacity. This is a test your doctor will perform that will show if you can stand, bend, and what level of work you can perform.

Social Security Office in Xenia Ohio
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This test will be one of the main parts that the social security office in Xenia Ohio will be looking for.

Besides your RFC they will look into the documentation about your medical condition that you got from your doctor. Next, if you are applying for SSDI then they will look into your work history. Generally you need to have 40 credits ( 1 credit for every $1,360 earned), 20 of them should have been earned in the last 10 years.

Information About the Social Security Office in Xenia Ohio

The social security office in Xenia, Ohio is located on the West side of Xenia on North Progress Drive across the street from Krogers.

80 N Progress Dr
Xenia, OH – 45385

Their hours are 9 till 4 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday it is 9 till 12 and they are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

If your not sure about anything before going in you can contact them by phone at 866-755-5372 or get in touch with an experienced social security lawyer to discuss your case.

Quick Answers

What Do You Need Before Going to the SSA Office?

Documentation from your doctor, Your SS Number, Details on Work History

What Does the SSA Look For?

They will look for:
Residual Functional Capacity and Your Work History

Where is the SSA Office in Xenia?

80 N Progress Dr
Xenia, OH – 45385

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