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When You're Sexually Harassed at Work

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

A sexual harassment lawyer is generally called in when an employee is dealing with someone harassing them in a sexual way. Although most people think of men as the aggressor and a straight woman as the victim, this is not always the case. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, in any type of work, and wearing any type of clothing. However, one thing is common among most victims of this type of harassment. Generally, the perpetrator is in a position of power above the victim and uses this to continue the harassment. 

Although there has been a recent push to normalize coming out against harassers in the workplace, there is still a stigma. Not just women, but men deal too, deal with a certain level of shame or embarrassment about coming forward. A good sexual harassment lawyer will work to minimize your discomfort in the situation and help you to feel comfortable after a traumatic event.

If you have been or are being harassed at work there are a few things you need to do. First, try to document an attempt to correct the situation. Send an email to the perpetrator or to HR asking for a correction in the behavior. Next, document the situation. If you are able to get the perpetrator on record or in front of witnesses when they attempt to harass you, you have further evidence.Then, make sure that your employer is aware of the situation. Finally, talk to a sexual harassment lawyer about your situation. 

However difficult, finding evidence can be extremely important in a case like this. Your perpetrator, or in some case, your employer may attempt to cover up the sexual harassment and having evidence goes a long way to disprove their claims.

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Finding a Lawyer

Finding a lawyer can also be a bit tricky. First make sure that your lawyer handles employment cases and is sensitive to your situation. For instance, you might call in or drop by and talk to their staff or one of the lawyers. Next, make sure that they have free consultations. This can help to save you time and money should you decide to not stick with lawyer for your case. Finally, make sure that they have a policy where you don’t pay unless you win. This will take the risk off your shoulders.

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Sexual harassment is when one person uses sexuality to make another person intentional uncomfortable. For instance, through sexual and demeaning jokes, unwanted sexual comments or advances, or even unwanted physical interactions or assault.

It can be hard to prove sexual harassment as it mostly happens behind closed doors. Getting a harasser to admit to or demonstrate their actions through text, email, or in front of witnesses can help to call out their actions in court.

If your employer is your harasser or have been notified of the harassment and did nothing to counteract it, they may be liable. 

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