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When You've been hit by a car

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A pedestrian accident is when you are walking and you are hit by a vehicle. This primarily happens at crosswalks or parking lots and can lead to some serious injuries. However it occurred, the driver will, under most scenarios, be at fault. Unless you were purposely attempting to be hit, the case will be in your favor. 

In a pedestrian accident your risk of serious injury and death are much higher than you might imagine. For instance, a car going 20 miles an hour gives a pedestrian a 10% chance of dying. If you increase that speed to 40 mph the odds of dying goes up to 40%. Unfortunately, the number 1 reason that a pedestrian accident occurs is that the driver was using an electronic device. 

Everyone knows that cell phones cause accidents. But, did you realize that using a GPS on your phone is just as dangerous as texting? 2019 studies have found that using a GPS on your phone is just as distracting as texting, especially when your GPS is held on a lap or in your hand.

No one expects to get hit by a car. So it’s no surprise that many people are not prepared for what to do after the accident. If you are hit, try to remember what you might no in a regular car accident. First, call the police. Then, get the insurance information of the driver, take pictures of the scene, and find witnesses. If you’re in a parking lot, ask the store if they take footage of the lot. 

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Lastly, and most importantly, see a doctor. In this type of accident situation you are more than likely going to have an injury. You may feel okay but remember that what you’re feeling might be adrenaline.

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Yes, if a pedestrian does something you could reasonably assume would be dangerous or negligent than they could be at fault. For instance the pedestrian might be jaywalking into oncoming traffic or crossing in front of oncoming traffic.

There are 7 common reasons pedestrian accidents occur:

  1. Texting and Driving
  2. Speeding
  3. A failure to yield to pedestrians
  4. No use of signal while turning
  5. Not preparing for a stop in incremental weather
  6. Alcohol or drug use

Hitting a pedestrian is covered under the driver’s liability insurance and should be handled by the insurance of the driver. 

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