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A pedestrian accident is when you are walking and you are hit by a vehicle. This primarily happens at crosswalks or parking lots and can lead to some serious injuries. However it occurred, the driver will, under most scenarios, be at fault. Unless you were purposely attempting to be hit, the case will be in your favor. 

In a pedestrian accident your risk of serious injury and death are much higher than you might imagine. For instance, a car going 20 miles an hour gives a pedestrian a 10% chance of dying. If you increase that speed to 40 mph the odds of dying goes up to 40%. Unfortunately, the number 1 reason that a pedestrian accident occurs is that the driver was using an electronic device. 

Everyone knows that cell phones cause accidents. But, did you realize that using a GPS on your phone is just as dangerous as texting? 2019 studies have found that using a GPS on your phone is just as distracting as texting, especially when your GPS is held on a lap or in your hand.

No one expects to get hit by a car. So it’s no surprise that many people are not prepared for what to do after the accident. If you are hit, try to remember what you might no in a regular car accident. First, call the police. Then, get the insurance information of the driver, take pictures of the scene, and find witnesses. If you’re in a parking lot, ask the store if they take footage of the lot. 

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Lastly, and most importantly, see a doctor. In this type of accident situation you are more than likely going to have an injury. You may feel okay but remember that what you’re feeling might be adrenaline.

A growing concern in Dayton, Ohio is pedestrian accidents. In the past few years we have seen a lot of pedestrians hit downtown while crossing the street or waiting at crossings. According to statistics provided by the GHSA in 2018, “Pedestrians now account for a larger percentage of traffic fatalities than they have in the past 33 years.” And statistics like, the fatalities of pedestrian accidents have gone up 27% while all other traffic related causes have decreased, is evidence of this.

In a two year study, pedestrian accidents made up about 16% of all motor vehicle deaths. 2007 saw only 11 percent of all auto accidents result in a pedestrian accident death, where as that number increase by 5% by 2016.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio lost 145 pedestrians in motor vehicle accidents last year. This is the greatest number of pedestrian deaths in Ohio in several years.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, you should speak with pedestrian accident lawyers with Dyer, Garofalo, Mann, and Schultz about your case. With the help of your pedestrian accident lawyer you can get the maximum compensation for your case.

Dyer, Garofalo, Mann, and Schultz handle a number of different types of pedestrian accidents. Although many pedestrian accidents have many of the same details, how it happened can lead to different results.

Intersection Accidents

Intersections are involved in many pedestrian accidents. Sometimes this can be caused by a lack of signs or the driver missing a sign or light. However there are many instances of negligence on the part of the driver when it comes to intersection pedestrian accidents. If you’ve been injured and it was due to an intersection you may be owed compensation for your injuries. Contacting a pedestrian accident lawyer can help you discover the possibilites of your case.

Crosswalk Accidents

Crosswalks have this feeling of safety for most people. However when a negligent driver is distracted or speeding they may cause a pedestrian accident. If you were involved in a pedestrian accident and were injured you may be able to push for compensation in court.

School Zone Accidents

School zones have slower speeds for a reason but not everyone slows down. Maybe they were late for work or missed the sign, however it happened, they put others at risk. If your child was hit by a driver while in a school zone they may be eligible for compensation for their injuries and the driver may have committed a criminal offense.

School Bus Crossing Accidents

When children go to school there are more dangers then just navigating school zones. Even waiting on the bus can be dangerous if a negligent driver doesn’t stop for a school bus. If your child was injured in this type of pedestrian accident you may be able to claim compensation and pursue a criminal case.

Back-Over Accidents

Back-up accidents can effect children and adults alike. However, children deal with this type of pedestrian accident far more often than other types. It can be hard to see a child behind a vehicle, and for those still driving older vehicles they may not notice a child before backing up.

Work Accidents

Construction workers can face a unique challenge when working near busy roads or highways. If you have been hit on the job in a pedestrian accident you may be able to pursue the driver and your workplace for maintaining an unsafe workplace.

Side-of-the-Road Accidents

It’s not just construction workers who may find themselves on the side of the road. If you’ve been hit by a vehicle by being on the side of the road you may be able to pursue compensation in court. 

Off Road Accidents

Not every accident happens on the road. You could be hit in a pedestrian accident in a parking lot, in a park, or really anywhere someone might be driving.

When a child is involved in a pedestrian accident it can have some serious lifelong effects and it’s important that you are making sure to follow certain steps if this happens.

First make sure that the driver sticks around until the police are able to make it to the scene. There needs to be a police report in the accident even though it’s non-traditional. If something happens in the next few weeks/months this police report can become invaluable. 

Next make sure that your child goes to a doctor immediately after the pedestrian accident. Children may not realize they are seriously harmed, especially if their adrenaline is high. A concussion or TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury) can be deadly if not treated and watched. If something serious is found in your child after the accident, having a medical record proves that the accident caused the condition in future court proceedings.

Distracted driving is involved in most cases and drugs and alcohol can be a major factor in those distractions. If a negligent driver was under the influence in your pedestrian accident you may be able to pursue compensation and a criminal court case.

Dyer, Garofalo, Mann, and Schultz has pedestrian accident lawyers that can help you investigate your case and discover your maximum compensation. 

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Yes, if a pedestrian does something you could reasonably assume would be dangerous or negligent than they could be at fault. For instance the pedestrian might be jaywalking into oncoming traffic or crossing in front of oncoming traffic.

There are 7 common reasons pedestrian accidents occur:

  1. Texting and Driving
  2. Speeding
  3. A failure to yield to pedestrians
  4. No use of signal while turning
  5. Not preparing for a stop in incremental weather
  6. Alcohol or drug use

Hitting a pedestrian is covered under the driver’s liability insurance and should be handled by the insurance of the driver. 

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