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A hostile workplace lawyer helps when your workplace goes from bad to dangerously bad. We’ve all been or known someone that worked at a company that was stressful. Maybe it was a bad boss or just bad leadership. However, a hostile workplace goes beyond that. When an employer or manager makes a work environment that so pervasively hostile that it makes people feel unsafe or scared then you may have a legal case. Discrimination, harassment, or assault may make up your workplace and that’s not acceptable.

Although, we all know that being abusive to your staff isn’t okay it can be hard to prove it was illegal. This is why it is extremely important to keep documentation of not just the behavior done to you (which might fall under harassment or discrimination), but to others to prove that the workplace has become an abusive environment.

If you’re unsure if your environment is toxic or if you are experiencing harassment or discrimination, talk to your coworkers. Share experiences and have each others backs as you work for a solution. Having multiple people on your side tells a story to not just HR but to a lawyer should you need one.  

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Remember that you should always follow a few steps before seeking legal action on a hostile workplace. First you should talk to the manager or employer about what’s happening and why you don’t like it. Next talk to HR about the behavior. Make sure you are documenting your steps in writing. Then, see if anyone is experiencing the same thing. Finally, talk to a lawyer about your case.

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A hostile environment is one where employees feel intimidated, abused, or offending. This is more than just joking around or not realizing an offense. A hostile workplace is started generally by a manager who mistreats staff severely and pervasively.

For example, your manager may be a tyrant. Yelling at workers, bringing them back for meetings with the intention of breaking them down and making them feel constantly on edge. Maybe it’s the actions of a creepy coworker who sexually harasses the staff but the managers let it go. Or it could be racism that seems to follow staff at all levels in the organization. When you feel threatened in your workplace you have options and resources.

There are 3 things you must prove to take your case from harassment/discrimination to a hostile workplace. First that the harassment was unwelcome and that the harasser should have reasonable known this. Second, that the harassment was so pervasive that it created an abusive environment for not just yourself but many people in the office. Finally, that the employer is liable for either causing or not preventing the environment from continuing.

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