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When You've been injured by an explosion

Fireworks Lawyer

A fireworks lawyer handles cases where someone has mishandled a firework or explosive and it causes someone serious harm. However, an explosive doesn’t have to be just a firework. If someone creates an explosion and it causes you an injury you deserve compensation. So what should you do after a fireworks or explosion injury?

What to Do After a Fireworks Accident

When you’ve been in an accident with a firework or explosion you have a few steps ahead of you. First, try to get information about the person who caused the accident. A name and address would be enough to send a claim letter. Next, seek medical attention immediately. A severe burn could become infected or even scar if left untreated. Remember that your health should come first if your burns are bad. Finally, see a fireworks lawyer about filing a claim.

Talk to a Fireworks Lawyer

After you contact a fireworks lawyer many things will happen in your case. First, before you decide on the lawyer go in for a free consultation. In this consultation you will find out how much your case is worth and if you believe this lawyer will work for you. Next, your lawyer will send your claim to the person who caused the incident.

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After that, your claim will most likely be handled outside of court. Most cases never see a courtroom and generally that’s good for you and the other party. Your fireworks lawyer will help you figure out the costs of your medical bills and your future medical bills to determine how much you should ask for in your claim.

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There are many common injuries from fireworks and explosions. The most common, burns. However, the sound and the smoke can also do a lot of damage depending on how close you were. The sound of the explosion could cause serious damage to your ears and cause tinnitus or deafness. The explosion might also cause blindness or vision loss.

When a neighbor, a stranger, or even a friend uses a firework improperly and it hurts you, you might be nervous about pressing a lawsuit. However, when you’ve been injured you need to be able to pay for the ensuing medical bills. This is where a lawsuit helps you collect from the insurance of the person who caused the accident. 

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