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When You've been Bitten by a dog

Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite lawyer can help you after a tragic accident. Although most people expect that a dog bite might only occur with a stranger’s dog, most people know the owner. In fact, the most common dog bite injury happens to children with a friend or family member’s dog. Dogs and children can be unpredictable, especially when they don’t often see each other. This is why holidays and family get togethers have the most danger for children and even adults. 

Bitten By a Friend or Family Member’s Dog

However unlikely you may think that Uncle Jerry’s terrier, Carla, might bite you, there’s always a chance. Carla might feel threatened with so many people around on thanksgiving or maybe the baby got too close to her face. It happens and it doesn’t have to have a dramatic ending where you sue Uncle Jerry and no one wants to invite you to Christmas, even though you make the pecan pie and everyone knows the Walmart version is a sad replacement. This is why people carry home insurance. If you or your child gets bitten you can go to the hospital get fixed up and you make a claim against Uncle Jerry’s insurance with a dog bite lawyer. 

Bitten By a Strangers Dog

Just because it’s not as likely doesn’t mean it never happens. You have options in this case too. First try to get information about the owner after it happens. If you are able to try to get their name and address. Most people don’t have their home insurance information on them (unless it occurred at their house) so you may need to get this later.

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Next, get medical attention as soon as you can. A bite can cause infection and scarring if not properly treated. If the bite will cause lasting harm keep all documentation of this from your doctor. Finally, talk to a dog bite lawyer about your injury. Your lawyer can help you get insurance information and file a claim against the owner. 

Remember that there are certain actions that could cause a dog bite that a court would find to be your fault.

  1. Intruding on the owners property
  2. Causing harm to the dog  
  3. Causing harm to the owner

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If you’ve been bit by a dog you have options. First, make sure that you have information about the owner of the dog. Next, seek medical help immediately. Dog bites can be infectious and can leave serious scarring if not treated immediately. Finally, talk to a dog bite lawyer about your case.

The average payout for a dog bite in 2018 was $39,017 nationwide. Although the number of dog bites per year has decreased, the average cost of payouts is actually up 5.3%.

In Ohio and Indiana, you have two years to file your dog bite lawsuit. But, in Kentucky you have just one year before you lose the chance to file with a dog bite lawyer.

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