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A defective product attorney works with victims of dangerous products sold on the market. It may be hard to imagine a product that causes harm to consumers at your local store. However, recalls are generally a good indication of a product that was defective or even dangerous. When lettuce must be recalled there was generally a group of people who fell ill from eating the product. Once they made complaint or formed a lawsuit, the product was recalled. Although lettuce is a common example of this products go wrong on three different levels.

First, there are design flaws. For instance when a product like the brakes in a car are prone to breakage this could have been a design flaw that then leads to recall after an injury has occurred. Next, there are manufacturing issues that cause a dangerous product. This is when our lettuce comes in. Since the lettuce is exposed during the picking and packaging process, it is considered manufacturing. Finally, there are marketing flaws. This is when a product is improperly labeled. For example, if a child’s toy can only handle 120 lbs (and is not labeled) but a child at 160lbs breaks the toy and is caused serious injury.

Speaking to a Defective Product Attorney

When you’ve been injured by one of the three types of defective products you need to start talking to a defective product attorney. First, there are two options on going forward with your case. You can decide to join a mass tort with others or try to file a lawsuit on your own. If you join a mass tort you are more likely to win but are less likely to get as much back from your case. However, going it alone means a far more expensive trial against the company. Next, you can get a free consultation with a lawyer. This gives you a chance to examine all your options and find our how much your case is worth.

Finally, you can start working with your lawyer on your case or join together with a firm that has been working on a mass tort. No matter you decision, a defective product attorney is your way to gain compensation for your case.

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Defective Goods in 2019

The weed killer known as Roundup has been known to cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. If you have been affected by Roundup you may have a mass tort case to pursue by contacting a mass tort lawyer.

If you or someone you know was issued a Aearo Dual-Ended Combat Arms ™ Earplug during the years of 2003-2015 you may have been affected. This product is associated with lost hearing after the use of this defective earplug and may have life long effects. To pursue a settlement in a defective earplug lawsuit contact a mass tort lawyer today.

Talcum powder has been associated with
uterine and ovarian cancer. If you have been affected by talcum powder you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries when you contact a mass tort lawyer.

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Even if a retailer was not responsible for injury associated for the product, they may still be partially responsible. If a retailer was aware of the danger they were negligent. For instance, if a store continued to sell contaminated food products despite recall warnings.

There are three main ways that a product becomes defective:

  1. Design is faulty
  2. Something happens in manufacturing
  3. Negative side effects or risks are not properly marked on the product

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