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When You've Been Injured By a Pharmaceutical

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A dangerous drugs lawyer helps you fight back against pharmaceutical companies. Although, modern medicine has helped us in many ways, sometimes a medication can cause us harm. However, this isn’t always the fault of the company that invented the drug. There are three ways that drug can become dangerous. 

First, the design or what makes up the drug could be flawed. This is when it is the fault of the creator of the drug. Next, there is manufacturing of the drug before sale. Sometimes, this isn’t the fault of the drug company or just partially their fault. A manufacturing company may create the drug incorrectly causing the flaw. Finally, it could be the marketing. This doesn’t refer to how they got people to buy the product but the label on the product itself. For instance, if the product reacts badly when combined with aspirin it may be important that they include that information.

Speaking with a Dangerous Drug Lawyer

Although, most people never think they may need to speak with a dangerous drugs lawyer, drugs still fail. Just like every product on the market, pharmaceutical drugs are just as prone to being defective or recalled. When this happens you have a legal option to ensure your care and the safety of others. However, in many cases you may need others to help your case. 

This is what lawyers call a mass tort. For instance, we all know the commercial, “have you or a loved one been injured by..” insert a drug or medical device. It can feel clique but this is how most cases like this gather people together. However, it’s difficult to pursue a pharmaceutical company even with a dangerous drugs lawyer. Having so many people that have been injured come together means that you have a lot of evidence of that their drug was responsible. Although this doesn’t mean that you can’t go it alone. If your injury has been severe and you have a lot of evidence on your side you may have a chance but it could be slim and very expensive.

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Dangerous Drugs in 2020

Belviq (lorcaserin) was a weight loss medication that was sold and distributed by Eisai Incorporated. It came in two versions: Belviq and Belviq XR (extended release). The drug worked by targeting chemical signals that control appetite and allowed people to feel fuller after eating smaller amounts of food.

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Elmiron has recently been associated with an increased risk of damage to the eyes. Most cases present as maculopathy, and often include macular degeneration of the eye.

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Zantac has been found to cause cancer in humans. Although the brand has been recalled, many people have been using the antacid for years. Furthermore, Zantac knew the risk for decades before.

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A defective drug is a pharmaceutical medication that could have been given to you by a doctor or bought over the counter. If it causes you serious harm and the injury was not your fault, this is a defective drug.

There are two ways that a defective drug goes to court. One way is through a mass tort. This means that multiple people have been injured by the negligence of a pharmaceutical company and they join up for a larger lawsuit. The other way is medical malpractice. If a doctor prescribes you a medication that they knew would cause you to experience a severe injury they may be at fault.

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