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When Your Worksite is Hazardous

Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Construction site accidents are sadly common in the U.S. and with so much construction year round it can happen anywhere. When an accident happens to you it’s good to know what to do next. However, if you are injured severely make going to the hospital your number one priority.

First, try to asses what caused the accident. Take pictures of the scene and the injury. Next, talk with your coworkers to see if anyone else saw the accident and it’s cause. Then immediately seek help at the hospital. As soon as you are able to, reach out to your employer or HR about the injury. Talk to them about taking workers compensation and consider and the danger present at the worksite. 

If it seems like your employer isn’t receptive to your claim or workers compensation denies your claim, consider talking to a lawyer. With the help on an attorney you can being to pay back medical bills and collect compensation for your experience. However there is another type of construction site accident that doesn’t have as happy an ending. Wrongful death. This is when a loved one is involved in a construction accident and loses their life. If your loved one provided for you or your family you deserve compensation for that loss.

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So many things can go wrong on a construction site. Here are a few:

  1. Falls
  2. Electrocution
  3. Explosions
  4. Falling Objects
  5. Slip and Fall
  6. Ground Collapse
  7. Machine Failure
  8. Or even being run over

Sometimes it was because of a lack of attention to the surrounds but in most cases it was due to dangerous mismanagement. 

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