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Talking to an auto accident lawyer might be the last thing on your mind after an accident. That’s okay. However, you should still know what a lawyer would recommend you do after your accident. You may not need a lawyer but with a lawyer’s advice, you can avoid a lawsuit and get the most from your settlement when talking to your insurance company.

Although you may think you already know what you would do after an accident there are a few things that may make or break a case should you need to file one.

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Should I let them leave the scene?

What to Do After a Car Accident?

after a car accident

First of all, never let the other driver just leave the scene and definitely never do it yourself. This is called a hit and run and could land you with a criminal charge or hefty fine. There are some really important things you should do immediately after a car accident. 

First, exchange information with the other driver. Next, contact the police. Although you may think it’s not serious enough for the police to be on the scene you need to have the police report on file or it’s your word vs. theirs. Third, see a doctor, even if you don’t appear injured. Car accidents have a bad habit of leaving unseen injuries. Finally, call your insurance and wait to see their proposed settlement. Make sure you know how much your accident was worth before accepting a claim.

Yes and no. You won’t go to jail for not calling the police but having a police report could save you if find out you’re injured later or the other driver attempts to sue you.

Never leave the scene without leaving information. Even if no one was around and you collided with a car. You never know who has a dashcam (and you should really have one too). If you get caught leaving the scene you could end up with criminal charges and a large fine.

Although it’s good to care about the other drivers safety, never admit guilt. Even if you think you’re guilty. The second you say your sorry you’ve just lost any case you may have.

Car Accident Types

Car Accidents

A car accident is just what it sounds like. It's the most common to happen to the average person.

Semi or Truck Accident

These are accidents caused by semis and these types of cases can be very different than a regular car accident. However similar you may need to file suit against a company.

Pedestrian Accidents

One of the most dangerous. In fact, a car going over 20 mph is 50% likely to kill or maim a pedestrian.

Bicycle Accidents

This may be the second most likely depending on where you live. We simply don't make roads safe for bikers or really pedestrians for that matter.

Traumatic Injury

A traumatic injury is a very serious and life-changing injury. It's most common after a car accident and normally involves a brain injury.

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Is lawsuit worth it?

How Much Do You Get from a car accident settlement?

car crash settlement amount

The amount you could receive from a car accident depends on the amount of damage done to you. Going to the hospital after your accident is always recommended for this reason. If you have an injury or need medical care you can claim this injury for compensation. If you were not injured your ability to make a case for more than what the insurance provides becomes a lot more difficult.

No. Most accident cases don’t require a lawyer. This is when there is minor damage to your vehicle and no one has been hurt. However, when you’ve been injured you could expect to have some issues getting the amount you deserve after an accident. In these case, you should get a lawyer to pursue a better settlement.

You can expect to make a much larger settlement with a lawsuit and lawyer by your side. However, the cases that make the most amount ($1,000,000+) generally involve serious injuries or even death.

When you make a claim against the insurance company you claim your medical bills (i.e. paid, unpaid, expected), property damage, and sometimes just the personal trauma you experienced from the crash.

What if I wasn't injured?

"If you weren't injured you're probably okay to take the settlement offered to you by your insurance company. A personal injury case such as a car accident uses evidence from a doctor's diagnosis or bill to determine damages. It can be hard to pursue without that."
collecting evidence for a lawsuit

Can I Do this on my own?

What Do You Need to Start a Car Accident Case?

As we mentioned previously, having a documented injury is fairly important to proving a case. However, past that, it’s important to have other evidence as well. First, a police report from the scene proves your version of events. Second, having witnesses to the scene. Third, any pictures of the damage to yourself or your vehicle. Finally, having a dashcam can really make a difference. Video evidence of the whole scene can prove your case and leave out any doubt.

file a claim against insurance

Is this the end?

What Happens if Insurance Doesn't Offer Enough?

Insurance companies don’t want to pay out the maximum after an accident. However, they will make you an offer that they believe you will take. Sometimes, the amount offered is just right for your case. For example, if you had minor damage and they offered enough to cover the repair. Things get tricky when an injury comes into play. You may have medical bills you’ve paid for, haven’t paid for, or even future bills coming up. In these cases, they may not want to pay the full amount. This is when you see a lawyer.

When DO I Need a Lawyer?

If the insurance company does not offer enough to cover the damage of your injury, you’re looking at months or a lifetime to recover, or someone has died, you need a lawyer to get the amount your case is worth.

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