Can I Make a Carpal Tunnel Injury Claim?

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The carpal tunnel is a slender canal in the wrist. It is composed of small bones known as carpal bones, and it connects the forearm to the hand. This tunnel shields the flexor tendons as well as the median nerve which are responsible for bending the fingers and the thumb.

With a carpal tunnel injury, a person will experience symptoms of pain, burning, tingling in the fingers and the arm as well as the loss of sensations. All of these responses to wrist movement are known as carpal tunnel syndrome. As the tendons swell or become enlarged, the median nerve is compressed resulting in pain.  

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A carpal tunnel injury is typically caused by pressure or stress placed on the hands and wrists. This impairment can result from underlying medical conditions or repetitive tasks such as typing on a computer, which can cause harm over time. This article provides an overview of carpal tunnel injuries, detailing how a carpal tunnel injury is sustained and how you can file a claim for it.

How Can the Type of Work I Perform Result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

As the world evolves, much of the duties in a workplace require the use of a computer on a daily basis. Any action that involves extreme wrist motions or persistent vibrations from tools can cause a person to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Trauma, fractures to the wrist, or other causes can also affect the nerves and tendons in this channel. Overall repetitive maneuvers are the most common causes of this condition.

Many causes can contribute to a person developing carpal tunnel syndrome. To determine whether or not an injury has occurred due to the type of work a person performs repetitively, a medical professional will administer various tests and assessments. Diabetes, pregnancy, arthritis, an overactive pituitary gland, hyperthyroidism, lesions in the wrist and other existing health concerns can be potential causes for your carpal tunnel injury.

However, it is significant to note that according to research, men are more susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome. Due to the type of work that, generally, men perform, these actions place them at higher risk of developing an injury. Using hand-held power tools and operating machinery, as well as working on assembly lines, are all opportunities for this injury to develop.

Is Carpal Tunnel Treatable? What Types of Treatment Options Are Available?

For the most part, carpal tunnel syndrome is treatable, but this is reliant on its severity. It is a progressive condition that can start slowly and increase in pain over time. However, with an early diagnosis, treatment can prove to be effective.

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Yoga, restriction of movements for an extensive period, reduction of swelling through the use of medication, physical therapy, and other exercises can be the ideal path to recovery. Though in extreme situations, these treatments may not be successful and surgery may be the only option. With surgery, you’ll have to contend with medical bills and the cost of being away from work for an extended period as you heal.

Additionally, you should note that carpal tunnel syndrome can present symptoms that ultimately affect how you perform substantial tasks. Severe symptoms such as loss of movement in your arm can limit how you take showers, dress yourself, prepare meals, take care of your children, or perform any tasks at work such as filing, typing, or operating instruments. Almost all jobs and daily tasks require individuals to use their hands repeatedly; therefore, carpal tunnel syndrome can truly limit all of your movements and quality of life.

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a Type of Disability?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not generally acknowledged as a disability. However, since it is a condition that affects the arms and hands, in addition to the fingers, it shares similarities to other listed injuries by the Social Security Administration. However, in most cases regarding carpal tunnel syndrome, it is complicated to prove that the injury occurred directly from the actions performed at your place of employment.

If it has been proven that carpal tunnel syndrome has resulted due to the actions performed at work, and there is medical documentation to support this diagnosis, you can issue a claim. Hiring a lawyer can help you in your journey to receive compensation for your carpal tunnel injury. They will work persistently to substantiate your claims and prove that the specific actions you executed at work triggered your condition. Filing for workers’ compensation can be difficult, but with the right paperwork and attention to detail, receiving an approved claim for a carpal tunnel injury is possible.

Can I Sue My Employer for My Carpal Tunnel Injury?

Unfortunately, suing your employer for carpal tunnel syndrome is not reasonable. The only way to receive consideration for the carpal tunnel injuries you may have sustained at work is to issue a workers’ compensation claim.

Most employers are expected to subscribe to a workers’ compensation policy, which is a type of insurance that supplies wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who are harmed on the job. It safeguards employers if they are deemed responsible for negligence or injury caused to their employees. This policy automatically removes an employee’s right to sue their place of employment for negligence.

How Can a Lawyer Help with My Carpel Tunnel Injury Claim?  

If you believe that you have sustained a carpal tunnel injury because of the tasks completed at work, there is no doubt that hiring an attorney can better your case. With a lawyer supporting you, especially one who is experienced in these types of claims, you can improve your chances of approval for workers’ compensation.

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