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A birth injury lawyer helps women and children after a birth that has gone very wrong. Just like any type of medical malpractice, birth injury can have lifetime consequences. When it happens to your child you may be looking at a lifetime of medical expense to help them recover from their injuries. However, birth injury is unfortunately not uncommon in the U.S. and some states have disproportionately high rates. Along with injury to the baby, birth injury also includes injury to the mother.

A birth injury normally results in a serious condition. However, if a child has one of these conditions it does not always mean that it was caused by a birth injury. Conditions such a cerebral palsy are caused by either brain trauma or abnormal brain development. This means that it could happen well before the child is born. In cases of cerebral palsy where there is proof that the medical professional negligently handled the baby during delivery and caused the head trauma, this could be referred to as a birth injury.

Birth Injury to Women

Although birth injury generally refers to injury to the baby, the mother is statistically more at risk. With a higher rate of maternal death than any other developed nation, your risk for a birth injury can be higher than you might think.

In the U.S. the maternal death rate can be as high as 29 in every 100,000 births. Whereas, in Canada that number is 6 in 100,000. The greatest risk of birth injury is attributed to blood loss after birth. Many hospitals do not and are not required to weigh the amount of blood lose or make consistent checks to the woman’s blood pressure. This could lead to anemia in the mother and put them at risk as they recover over the next few weeks.  

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If you or your child have experienced birth injury and are not sure what to do next, we’re here to help. By contacting our birth injury lawyers you get access to a free consultation that will help you get the answers you need to starting a case at no cost to you.

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A birth injury is an injury to the mother or child during the birth process by a medical professional. Both types have different statutes of limitations depending on the injured party. Children have until they are 18 to file suit, whereas the mother has 2 years like a standard medical malpractice suit.

When birth injury happens in a child the affects may not be noticeable until years later. Because of this, the statute of limitations is much longer for children. In fact, if you or your child experienced a birth injury you may have until you’re 18 to file a lawsuit against the hospital.

Birth injury in women is more common in the U.S. than in most other 1st world countries. With more than 26 in 100,000 births ending in death nationwide and 46 in 100,000 births ending this way in the state of Georgia alone. 

If you’ve been negligently treated during a birth, you’re far from alone and you have legal options. Mishaps to a woman during birth can have lifelong effects and seeking a lawsuit can help you pay for costly future medical bills.

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