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Contacting a bicycle accident attorney may help you see a settlement after a serious accident. The roadways in the U.S. simply were not designed with bicyclist safety in mind. Many states provide extensive bike paths for the casual biker. However, for those of us who use a bicycle for commuting, occasionally you may need to pass through a roadway. In those cases, danger comes into play. 

When you are involved in a bicycle accident you may be dealing with some serious injuries as well as damage to your bike. Before you call a bicycle accident attorney it’s important that you have certain documentation of the accident. If you find yourself in an accident like this it’s important to follow the same steps you would for a car accident. 

First thing you should do is try to get yourself and your bike over to the shoulder to avoid an additional accident. Then call the police and report your accident. Next talk with the driver of the vehicle and get information on their insurance company. Make sure to take pictures of the scene and collect witnesses of the accident. Having this kind of evidence makes you, and your bicycle accident lawyer, a lot more likely to win your case.

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Finally, see a doctor about your injuries. Although you may feel alright after your bicycle accident you may just be feeling adrenaline. It’s important to always have a doctor check you out to make sure you didn’t suffer a serious injury. Once you’ve followed these steps you are ready to decide to take either the settlement from the insurance agency or talk with a lawyer about your accident.

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There are 5 common reasons for bicycle accidents:

  1. Distracted driving
  2. Speeding
  3. Riding too close to vehicles or not being at speed with traffic while on roadways
  4. Accidents at intersections
  5. Not being seen in parking areas or sidewalks (primarily at night)

Yes, when a car causes an accident with a cyclist, the cyclist can then make a claim against the drivers insurance.

  1. File a claim with the insurance company
  2. Keep records of the accident and any injuries
  3. Take note of costs to you and what makes a fair settlement for the damage to your bike and yourself.
  4. If the insurance does not cover the damages, contact a lawyer about your case.

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